Digital Marketing With Dr. Will Boyd

Will Boyd

Today, we talk about digital marketing and how it can help your business with Dr. Will Boyd.


In This Podcast:

01:07 – How did Stephen meet Will?

04:25 – Will’s Tips for PTs that don’t have any experience in Online Courses.

09:50 – Things to consider when starting an Online Business as a PT.

14:07 – Online Business starts with a Conversation.

18:01 – How do you get accepted in Facebook Groups?

22:46 – How do you find a product/course to create?

29:12 – Are people quite used to doing Online Courses yet or are they more used to doing it post COVID?

32:30 – Getting ideas from your audience and creating what they want.

40:09 – Where can you reach out to Will?




Group: Healthcare Digital Marketing

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