Interview With Vijay Patel

Vijay Patel

Today’s guest is Vijay Patel, a physical therapist, business owner, and author. We’re going to talk about his book and how you can transition from clinician to business owner.

In This Podcast with Vijay Patel:

01:03 – Introducing Vijay Patel

02:14 – How long did it take for Vijay to get into business ownership?

10:31 – Vijay’s transition from clinician to a business owner

24:41 – When should you take your side hustle into a permanent gig?

29:45 – How did Vijay find those people that ended up leasing from him?

38:21 – Your side hustle should be your long-term vision

39:09 – Vijay’s advice to new business owners—the numbers you should focus on

44:37 – Lack of Confidence

48:10 – Learn from your failures

52:00 – Vijay’s book and where you can contact him

01:04:32 – Numbers are everywhere

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