Two Referrals from my Book. Physical Therapy & Pilates Business Advice

Two Referrals from my Book. Physical Therapy & Pilates Business Advice

Let’s talk about how helpful my book was with getting new referrals from a patient. I had a guy coming in and I told him I want to see him once a week. When he came in the second week, he said, “Hey, this is really great. It's really helping me. Can I come in two times a week? And how much do you charge an hour?” I told him, and he said, “Yeah, I want to come in two times a week.”

This guy who’s been coming in for three months, where he’s seeing me twice a week for the first two and a half months. And then for the last month and a half month up to now, so it's probably been about a month now. He's been seeing me once a week, and he sees my Pilates trainer twice a week.

The whole time he was coming in, we were helping him with his back, we were helping him do all the things and he'd play golf and tweak it. So, we can keep working and he's getting better. But what happened one day was I gave him my book. I said, “Hey, man, I want you to take my book.” Because he wasn't doing was much of the homework. And I asked him to do but he gets mad at homework.

It’s kind of hard to find a good homework. People send me these great videos, but I don't really go to my email much. So, I said, “Here take my book. In my book, it is basically all of the homework that I've been teaching you. It's everything that I've been emailing you, but it's all in one place.”

He goes, “Oh, really?” And I said, “Yeah, and there's a video library and you can go to this link, click on it and you put your email address, make up your own password. And then you have access to every single chapter in the book.”

He was very amazed. He said, “That's so cool. You made it very easy for me to go home and do my homework.” So, I gave him my book. And then by the next week, his business partner called me and he started seeing me. I've been seeing him twice a week for the past weeks. The next weeks, other business partners came in.

All of a sudden, I had been seeing this guy, he loved me and I was already helping him. But as soon as I gave him my book, he sent two people to see me. This guy has brought me in quite a bit of money. He's been great, we've had work and we're helping him a ton. And that's the beauty of it.

These are people that can afford my services, so now I'm in his circle. I'm in this circle of people that have been in my city for 50 years doing business. These are movers and shakers. It’s the circle I want to be in. I don't have to convince them on my price. Because this guy is saying, “Hey, go see my PT. He's got a book.”

If you need help writing a book, I got a friend Jeremy Sutton, who does fantastic things and helps people write books. He helped me write this book and get it out live on Kindle. So, shout out to Jeremy Sutton and his book, Boss University. So, hit Jeremy Sutton up because he's the man.

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