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Stay Positive During COVID

Hey guys, look how pretty that flower is right there.  Amongst all this crazy stuff we have this beautiful flower. Then this is a money tree. I want to stroke the money tree for a second here…

Hey guys, what's up? It's Stephen. I just want to share a few things with you today.  Sorry that was bad but anyway I just want to share a few things. It's crazy times right now, we all know that it's very stressful.

There's a lot of unknown and a lot of things to be dealing with, no matter if you are a clinic owner or you or an employee for a clinic or whatever is your situation is.

For the past week and a half (mid March 2020) we've been focused on shifting to all virtual and I've just been putting that message out there. I've been super positive by putting that message out there of how we can serve. If you're continuing to serve you're going to have some good positive things that are going to happen.

The thing that happened to me over the last day that are super positive. A couple things and the first thing happened from me reaching out. I want to start with that and say I reached out to someone who had my wife and I on the news last year.

What happened was it was a woman that she brought us on KXAN. We just showed up my wife taught a Pilates session live on their TV station. So I reached out to her yesterday and I said hey, I would like to let you experience a telehealth physical therapy session.

This is what’s happening, this is the only way we can serve people right now. I talked about how the hospitals are going to need resources conserved for this virus and that what we can offer as physical therapists or doctors who are doing telehealth, whoever’s offering telehealth.

It's a service that a lot of people don't know much about. She replied yes to me this morning. I'm actually going to take her through a telehealth session on Monday and then she's going to do a Skype interview with me the next day.

I've presented in a way not about helping me in my business but hey this is how we can help serve the many people who are injured right now and who need our help and can't get out and and have the help. That's the first thing... super awesome, very excited about that.

Here is the blog from the news segment...

The second thing is someone reached out to me and asked me to be a speaker in a virtual summit that's coming up soon. The Remote Therapy Summit and I was asked to speak at that on how I have transitioned my business in a short time into a virtual business.

I'll be talking about our virtual Pilates classes, our virtual private Pilates sessions, those kind of things. So that's the second thing because this person has seen me just serving, putting it out there, putting myself out in a way that says hey this is how I can help people in this time that we are very stressed.

The third thing is a local dentist that reached out to me through Instagram and basically said I love your post, I love what you’re doing. I am going to use this down to network with people that are showing some fire during this time. It was really cool. It's a dentist I don't know.

I didn't even pay much attention to Instagram as someone was running that page for me for some time pre Covid. She is no longer helping me in that capacity so I've been in charge of the Instagram page and putting some stuff out.

What I've been putting out is how we're reacting to this thing that we're all dealing with and she reached out saying hey I want to do a a zoom call and just talk and see how we can help each other on the back end and maybe how we can help each other get to there.

It’s three very cool things that are happening. One I reached out and started the process and it's continued to snowball. The other ones are situations that weren't necessarily anything I did to initiate it other than me doing what I’m doing to try to weather the storm.

So that's my message today guys, stay positive. I've been waking up and doing a long 25-30 minute meditation. For me that's long, usually its about 5 and that's been really helpful.

 Yeah guys lets all stay positive and be there and help each other out through this.  Let’s keep on moving the needle forward. Thanks for hopping on guys, appreciate it.


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