Pilates for PTs Podcast With Sherri Betz

Meet Sherri Betz, one of the pioneers of Pilates Physical Therapy and a major influence on my career.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs Podcast

02:00 – How did Stephen meet Sherri Betz?

03:40 – How did Sherri get interested in Pilates and is she already a Physical Therapist at that time?

04:30 – Why did Sherri check out Pilates?

08:00 – Sherri’s 1st Pilates program she signed up for

09:00 – Sherri’s 1st Pilates group class

12:00 – How big of a space do you need to have Pilates classes?

16:00 – What were Sherri’s marketing tactics years ago?

17:30 – How do you get certified for PIlates?

20:00 – The Pilates exam

23:00 – What does work look like for Sherri? Does she have Pilates clients? Or PT clients?

30:00 – Stephen’s “hospital free” year

32:00 – What is Sherri up to now?


You can email Sherri on – sherri@therapilates.com

Or visit her website at TheraPilates.com

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