Relationship’s to Grow your Physical Therapy Business. Pilates for Physical Therapist.

Relationships to Grow your Physical Therapy Business.

All right, hey guys, hey guys. What's up? Its Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates, I'm the founder of Pilates for PT's.

Today I just want to come on and share a quick story about a patient that I've known for some time. It's based on this relationship with this one client how it's helped me fill my schedule at this point in time with someone I've known for many, many years…

Let me back up when I first met this lady. She came in with a hip pathology from childhood and had hip problems her whole life. I probably met her when she was 35 and we did PT, we did Pilates, we did some GYROTONIC(R) work with her, got her to a point where she was working with my trainers, seeing them not really seeing me for PT but on occasion. 

It got to a point to where the hip was getting worse, I worked on her some more. She came to the conclusion that she was ready to have a hip replacement. This is now five years later after I met her. She's 40 and she'd been told since she was a young girl that she would have to have a hip replacement at some point in time way earlier than a typical typical woman who's getting a hip replacement.

She had the hip replacement surgery. I’ve known her for years. I'm cash-only and what we ended up deciding was I told her to go ahead and do the telehealth PT through her insurance for the first four weeks, six weeks post-op.  Then whenever she's ready come back in and see me. 

Well what happened was she did that, she saw those folks in the in the telehealth through the hospital or through the doctor's office and they did what they could do and then she came back in last week and we started the program again.

We did some manual therapy and we put her back on the Pilates Reformer and got her moving and she started getting some assistance and doing the things that she wasn't able to do fully at home...

My point of this is, is this one relationship with this one lady over those five years. I've worked with her husband and in fact I was working with him right up to Covid. I've worked with her mom and I've worked with her dad. Now just last week I saw her mom again and I saw her sister-in-law so for the first time ever…

My point of this is that through these relationships that I foster for a long time with my clients is based on that they're going from PT into Pilates. They're staying in my world through our Pilates program and through our group training, through our private trainings and then when they need me they know me, the see me at the studio. 

Sometimes they choose to go use their insurance for a little bit but they always come back to me when that is done. That's a long-term relationship that through her I’ve worked with our whole family and that’s just something that I want to share with you. I spend a lot of time getting to know these people, getting them in a place where they trust me on many, many levels...

Build relationships and they are long-term. You don't always see the fruits of that labor immediately...  I've been working on relationships my whole career. That's what makes me good at what I do, It's the relationship that I build with the client. Having physical therapy and Pilates combined is how I keep those people in my world for long, long times.

That's my message guys, y'all have any comments put them below… I'd love to answer any questions that you have and we'll see y'all soon.

Have a fantastic day!

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