Interview With Rachel Miller

Meet Rachel Miller, one of the major names in Pilates Physical Therapy, who will be sharing with us how she started her business.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs Podcast

01:35 – How did Rachel get into Pilates and Physical Therapy? Was she a Physical Therapist or Pilates instructor first?

05:08 – How did Rachel start and grow her Pilates PT business? What has Rachel been up to in her business?

10:10 – Why delegating tasks to your staff is important for a growing business

11:45 – How did Rachel find Physical Therapists to hire as staff? How does she determine their employment status?

15:30 – Does Rachel have any plans of hiring Pilates instructors as well? What classes does she plan on launching in her practice?

17:25 – How does Rachel determine the rates for her services?

18:10 – How do Stephen and Cheryl set their prices and divide the workload between themselves and their staff?

21:30 – How did Rachel get into classes about diastasis recti and recovery programs for postpartum mothers?

27:30 – Why is it important to keep both women and men educated about it?

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