Pricing Posted on Your Physical Therapy or Pilates Website? Discuss Pricing Before a Free Consult?

pricing posted on website

I want to answer the question about pricing. Someone asked prices prior to a discovery session. To answer that, I don't put any prices on the website. I don't put any give anyone the price sheet until they've gone through a discovery session with me because I offer 30-minute sessions.

We have packages that include seeing both the PT and the Pilates trainer. And some things are weekly packages or monthly packages, these are all different things.

So, if someone asks me, what's the price? I can say my price is $210 for an hour and $150 for a half hour. But they really are adamant about knowing their price shopping. And it’s a strict rule in price shopping before giving them that information, before you've created any value, before you've created any rapport, before you've created any nurturing.

It’s a matter of calling around and see who's offering what price for their services. That also goes into another thing of why I have things like plans.

I got my own sheet where I have things listed, like the organic care plan, 4 + 4 prime play plan, and a 2 + 4 prime plan, which basically means you get four PT sessions in a month, and you get four private trainings in a month. 

So, if someone calls me and says, what’s your prices? Before getting them, we want them to do the discovery session to nurture them, to engage them, and to find out if we're truly a good fit for each other. And then I can say it depending on our findings and what their goals are. Those goals are very important.

If they want to get to those goals in three weeks versus six weeks, there are things that will all determine the speed of the plan and how much will it cost when they come in. 

I have to know those things before I can give them a price. It's very specific and it’s depending on their injury. And I will do that evaluation and my discovery session then come up with a plan accordingly.

Just last week, we were having our team meeting and one of them said, “Hey, I have a I have a girl who called who’s been nurturing, and all she wants is the price list.” And she's adamant about the price list. She won't come in and do the taster.

She won't do the discovery session, but she wants to know the prices. And I said “Well, did you give her the prices?” And she says yes.  I said, “What did you hear back from her?” She says no. And I said “She is not going to, because once you gave her the prices, you lost her because she was price shopping.” 

So, if they are adamant about having the prices, and they don't want to come in to do the discovery or the taster, then they're probably not a good fit for you. I have no problem with those people and I have nothing to do with them. So that's my answer, I do not go over it.

I instruct my staff to not go over if someone wants the prices. They can come in and have a session. And once we determine their goals and their injuries, we present the plan and the prices. Don't have your prices on the website. Don't have your price menu out for people to just come in and grab.

If someone comes in and ask us for that, we start nurturing them, we start asking them the same questions to see if it's something they really need. If they're just focused on the price, they're probably shopping. Those are probably aren't going to be your long-term clients. So that's my advice for that.

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