Interview With Vijay Patel

Vijay Patel

Today’s guest is Vijay Patel, a physical therapist, business owner, and author. We’re going to talk about his book and how you can transition from clinician to business owner. In This Podcast with Vijay Patel: 01:03 – Introducing Vijay Patel 02:14 – How long did it take for Vijay to get into business ownership? 10:31 […]

Post Covid-19 For Physical Therapists With Dr Jared Cooper

Jared Cooper

 Today we are here with Dr. Jared Cooper and we’re going to be talking about Life after COVID-19, Life during COVID-19, and Life after COVID-19 as Physical Therapists.  In This Podcast:  01:43 – Introducing Jared Cooper. 02:59 – How does Jared essentially convert his current customers in his brick and Mortar Practice over to Telehealth and […]

Andys Pilates Experience and Classical PilatesTeacher Training

Pilates With Andy

Today, we’ve got Andy, he’s a physical therapist and he just completed his Pilates Teacher Training Program at a classical studio in New York City. And we’re going to talk more of his journey with Pilates today. In this episode of Pilates for PTs: 01:00 – Introducing Andy 01:28 – Andy’s journey to Pilates 03:22 […]

Pelvic Floor Health With The Dunn Brothers

Pelvic Floor Health

Today, we have my brother, Dr. James Dunn from Northern California, and we will talk about pelvic floor health with him. A lot of back pain is also because of weakness in the pelvic floor. In this episode of Pilates for PTs: 02:15 – What is a Urogynecologist?  03:45 – Types of Incontinence and how […]

Pilates For PTs Interview With Barbara Wintroub

Today we have Barbara Wintroub, who are mine and Cheryl’s very first Pilates instructor. She took us from a newbie, to incorporating Pilates to every single one of my patients from 2002 to 2019. In this episode of Pilates for PTs with Barbara Wintroub: 02:00 – What got Barbara interested and involved in Pilates? 03:30 […]

Pilates For PTs Podcast with Dr. Karyn Staples

Karyn Staples

How do you become a certified Pilates instructor? Stephen and Karyn Staples discuss their best practices on how to effectively become a Pilates instructor.  How building a strong working relationship with their clients helps transition from physical therapy to wellness. In this episode of Pilates for PTs with Karyn Staples: 01:00 – What got Karyn […]