Andys Pilates Experience and Classical PilatesTeacher Training

Pilates With Andy

Today, we’ve got Andy, he’s a physical therapist and he just completed his Pilates Teacher Training Program at a classical studio in New York City. And we’re going to talk more of his journey with Pilates today.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs:

01:00 – Introducing Andy
01:28 – Andy’s journey to Pilates
03:22 – His experience with his first exposure to Pilates
06:46 – Does he find Pilates different from teaching traditional PT exercises?
10:02 – What is his plan moving forward with his certification?
11:14 – Being a Physical Therapist and an Occupational Therapist
14:17 – Does having a PT and OT background make it easier for him to start thinking about other things to spread his net further?
20:45 – Pilates tips from Andy
21:30 – Where can you contact Andy?

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