How did Cheryl and Stephen Dunn, run their Pilates business successfully for 13 years?

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How did Stephen and Cheryl, run their pilates business successfully for 13 years?

Learn the basics from knowing your target market and ideal clients, nurturing your old and new clients and the marketing strategies to help you build a successful business.

Team nurturing and engagement are very important to build a strong foundation for a successful business.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs:

02:00 – Introduction of Cheryl Dunn

02:50 – Cheryl’s Pilates and Gyrotonic journey

05:00 – How Stephen and Cheryl started marketing their services (PT, Pilates, Gyrotonic)

07:50 – How did their roles delineated over the years with their pilates business?

08:50 – What are the important things that Cheryl does in their business?

11:10 – FB Live as a platform for teaching

11:30 – Teach as a team

12:00 – Nurture the staff

13:00 – Nurturing new and old clients

15:20 – Keeping track of the marketing metrics

17:15 – The importance of knowing your target market (ideal clients)

19:00 – Learn how to market your business

23:00 – Retaining old clients

24:45 – From Cheryl’s business standpoint: keep educating yourself, take care of yourself, enjoy the process

25:15 – From Stephen’s business standpoint: learn to enjoy the things that you have to do to keep the marketing going; come from a place of abundance and not from a place of scarcity

26:00 – Serve rather than Sell

27:25 – Keep being creative with staff and clients

29:40 – Have individual goals for clients; take people forward

32:20 – 1 minute Facebook messenger video vs. Email

34:00 – How Stephen became a Gyrotonic trainer


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