Word of Mouth, Branding Case Study – Physical Therapy Business Coach

Word of Mouth, Branding Case Study-Physical Therapy Business Coach

Today, let’s talk about a case study. Yesterday, I had a brand-new client who came in and signed up for a discovery session. They immediately signed up for a 30-minute session right after. A lot of people have come in and did the discovery session. And they needed a little time to determine why they really want to do this because they had to get over some skepticism.

Some people are ready to go when they're on the phone, they're ready to make that step and get treated. This was a word-of-mouth scenario. With word-of-mouth scenario, a lot of times they're more ready to move, than finding them on Facebook.

There was a 33-year-old woman who came in. She's definitely younger and she doesn't live in the same demographic as my ideal client. But that's the beauty of word of mouth. Ideal clients are for our marketing purposes. But for our word of mouth, people can come in from all over and drive in for an hour, I've had people driving from far distances. But that's a different story.

So, she starts telling me her story. Two weeks ago, she was at a bachelorette party where she met this woman who is an old patient of mine. They talked about pain and how it affected their lives.

The woman who was my old client, started raving about what I had taught her, how she advanced, how she had seen 10 to 12 practitioners before anyone helped her and when she saw me for the first time, we did a tremendous help for her improvement.

We were able to grow and work from there. She's a client I've seen several times, probably three different episodes for car accidents and things over the years. So, I took insurance. She was someone I know who can't really afford me. But she finds a way to see me when she's hurting, and does my payment plans when she needs to come in for some consistency.

But anyway, this brand-new client, she told me, “I met this woman, I told her my story and she told me all about you. And I grabbed the ball that you gave her and she started teaching me your homework. And I did the first thing two things.

All of a sudden, I had a tremendous breakthrough just by doing these two simple things. So here I am, and I want to see you and I'm ready to rock and roll.” What was interesting is that what my old patient had to do was take this ball and do some release work.

Now on the ball, it might be backwards, but it has my logo on it. I've been giving that ball out to people for years. It's a ball I use to teach them to release their pec minors, hip flexors, and other different things. The logo is also very helpful in the business

When someone sees and recognize the logo, they can come in when they have and experience pain. Like for someone who’s been in my parking lot for 5 years.

So going back, this woman, from being a random stranger to becoming friends because they've met at this bachelor party. From that experience, the logo and the person knowing where we were all of a sudden just came and the ready to go.

She didn't even ask about the cost or about anything. I had no idea what to expect on what she can and can't afford. I just treated her like how I treat everybody else.

Afterwards, I informed her about that the rundown on the differences in the hour sessions versus the half hour sessions and the price point being better for the hour sessions, but it was still up to her. And that I would add that and offer a payment plan, where she can come in and see me once a week but she can pay me once a month. And she booked out for the next five weeks.

I spent a half hour treating and she left in tears because of how good she felt and how much of a change she had made. Now, she'd already been doing the homework that I was going to teach her.

The homework she’s been doing is going to be more effective from what I've done today. So, that’s a little story of branding, marketing and word of mouth.

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