Physical Therapist Earns 3x the Income after Pilates Certified. Pilates Physical Therapy Coaching

Physical Therapist Earns 3x the Income

Today, I want to go over a quick story from a podcast guest that I had on recently. She had been a PT for several years and works in the corporate world. She ended up going through a Pilates certification that costs around $5,000. So, she spent about $5,000 to be a Pilates certified.

After getting Pilates certified, she was able to leave the corporate job where she was working at, and starts charging three times as much on a cash basis. She spent $5,000 on a Pilates certification which means she probably spent $150,000 on her PT education. And she was able to triple her income now because of that.

This idea of how we figure out a way to make therapy work when Medicare doesn’t. The system doesn't want it to work. So how do we make it work for ourselves? The only answer is we got to do it ourselves. We can't rely on someone else.

A $5,000 Pilates certification that came out of our pocket led to three times increase in pay. Now, she's working on her own doing what she wants. And she's not in a situation where she's being told what to do.

She works for her clients and serve them in a cash basis because of a $5,000 certification. For example, my wife is not a PT. She is a Pilates teacher and charges $127 an hour as a Pilates teacher.

 What's the next step? There's lots of options out there. And it’s up to you how you’re going to make it work.

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