Pelvic Floor Health With The Dunn Brothers

Pelvic Floor Health

Today, we have my brother, Dr. James Dunn from Northern California, and we will talk about pelvic floor health with him.

A lot of back pain is also because of weakness in the pelvic floor.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs:

02:15 – What is a Urogynecologist? 

03:45 – Types of Incontinence and how to treat it

06:30 – Pelvic floor therapy

09:00 – Pelvic floor and back pain

11:00 – Pelvic floor anatomy

16:00 – When is the right time for women to see a Urogynecologist? 

16:50 – Is it normal to have Urinary Incontinence?

18:00 – Percentage of women that undergo surgery

19:00 – Pelvic Mesh Surgery

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