Pilates For PTs With Patricia from Bahrain

Patricia from Bahrain

Do you want to be trained and get BASI certified?

Patricia shares about getting BASI certified and also the 2 interesting studios she has, one is located in a man-made island, and how she runs it together with her PTs.

She has learned to love Pilates and saw how it made a difference in so many people’s lives including her own family.

In this episode of Pilates to PTs:

01:00 – How did Stephen, Cheryl and Patricia came to know each other

04:50 – What got Patricia interested in Pilates?

06:20 – Pilates combines dance with rehabilitation

07:45 – Patricia talks about BASI

08:35 – Do you have to stay in the same place to do the whole training (BASI)?

11:00 – Is PMA a pre-requisite to BASI or is BASI involved with the PMA?

11:55 – What led Patricia to open her business and start her own studio?

13:00 – Pilates made difference in so many people’s lives

15:00 – Stephen asks “Does your PTs work as PTs or are they teaching Pilates?”

17:10 – Patricia shares about her second studio in a man-made island in Bahrain

18:40 – What are the different payment structures in her 2 studios?

21:55 – How does the private membership work?

26:35 – Patricia on teaching in her main studio

31:30 – What are the inclusions with her packages?

33:40 – Pilates changes your posture, it changes your life

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