I Got 2 New Physical Therapy Patients from Facebook Ads. Physical Therapist Business Coach

Physical Therapy Patients from Facebook Ads

All right, hey guys. What's up? It’s Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates and I'm the founder of Pilates for PT’s. Today I want to talk about this week and the story of two new clients that came in through Facebook. We're running an ad right now on Facebook that has a voucher for a session at a huge discount. 

Instead of $227 for an hour session we're advertising a $45 session. They end up clicking on the link through Facebook, they get the voucher telling them to call, they have certain amount of time to use it… yada yada yah.

There was one new patient for Monday. By the time they get in to see me they've already spent a good amount of time on the phone with my front desk to hear their goals, make sure what they need is something we can offer. She's paid forty five dollars for an hour session. She came in, I did the evaluation, did the treatment and told her the whole plan. I gave her a folder that has the price sheet and a graph that we use.

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The graph says this is where you are now as a seeker, needing help. This is the next step where it's kind of rollercoaster when you're making progress but you're not quite there. The third step is where you move into our fitness program to keep the ball rolling and then the last step is the VIP membership program and so we're pointing that all out along the way.

The woman leaves with that, she walks out front, she schedules out for three sessions, four sessions buys a five pack of PT sessions so all of a sudden that $227 went down about $202 / session… a thousand dollar investment that she's put in for the first part of just seeing me for PT. It doesn’t include the Pilates part of the training yet.

The the next day I gave her a call… leave her a message saying, Hey how you doing? How do you feel? She had left feeling so much better than she came in. She left saying, oh wow! This really was helpful. Within about ten minutes of leaving her that message I see that she liked my Facebook page.

So one person came in we took it through the process, slowed the process down with my front desk, got to know her goals, what she really wanted to get back to. She’s got shoulder, hip, knee all on the left side headaches… People she's seen in the past have all wanted her to pick one thing to work on. I told her I’m going to work on all of it, we're going to we're going to address it all and get her better... so that's the first one.

The second one that came in from the same ad was actually a physical therapist. She works part time, PRN a couple shifts a month because her headaches and pain interfere with her working. As we really dug deep into her assessment, her goals were to be able to work, care for her two-year-old child by looking down without getting headaches and migraines.

We started the process yesterday with her and she came in really excited. Being a PT is enough to get in the way of helping herself. She's done absolutely nothing but chin tucks for the entire 15-year history she's had this. She’s made an effort to come in and she talks my language, she doesn't know anything about Pilates yet but she talks to my PT language and I'm very excited about that…

I just wanted to share that with y'all, two people from a facebook ad, two days in a row with a $45 voucher that we're using to get them in the door and they both converted into clients.

What are you doing to get your clients?

What have you done of late that's been a success?

Put it in the comments below because I would love to know… Y'all take care and have a great day and I'll talk to y’all soon.

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