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After taking insurance for a decade I decided to switch to a cash pay/non contracted model in January of 2016. I quickly found out that it was essential to create a company culture for my team.

This culture had to be implemented with detail and lots of thought. I knew I was driving the bus and I needed team members or teammates that wanted to be on the bus with me. 

Culture started to define who was on the bus and who was off the bus.  

The next lesson was hire slow and fire fast… By creating core values we were able to have a hiring and firing litmus test. One must meet these core values and agree to them to work here. It is easy to fire someone who agreed to follow our core values that is not following them… 

Yes, firing someone who is a bad fit for our culture becomes easy. Hiring is slower but better hires are found when it’s around culture. And I only read a few resumes instead of hundreds.

Stephen C. Dunn

Physical Therapist
Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified GYROTONIC® Instructo

My name is Stephen Dunn and I learned this back in 2002 after being a PT for 4 years.

I had already lost my first job to Medicare cuts in 1998 and worked at 2 high volume corporate clinics before deciding to open my own contract business. 

This led to my exposure to Pilates and getting Certified in 2002. This changed everything as I loved being a PT again because of the results I was getting with Pilates combined with manual therapy.

After an incredible profit sharing experience in LA, we decided to go all in on our own studio in 2005 in Austin Texas.

We have since grown our business where half our income comes from our PT side and half comes from our Pilates side.

❔ Have you ever been on a sports or dance team?

❔ Did you practice? Did you perform or practice more?

❔ Did you perform or practice more?

I bet you practiced more. But in business we tend to perform with very little practice.

Group of young hip-hop dancers in studio 2

❓ How many hours a week is your business operating?

❓How many hours a week do you meet to practice?

❓ There is a good chance you are performing all the time with little meaningful practice.

There is a good chance you are performing all the time with little meaningful practice.

❔ Does a NFL team perform or practice more?

They perform for 3 hours per week but probably put in 50+ hours per week between practice, work outs, film study and off field preparation.

Texas Cowboys Training

❓  How many hours per week is your team practicing?

My team has a 1 hour meeting every week with the entire staff and a 1 hour meeting with the admin team. We have workshops, not meetings.

My team learns how to serve our clients better in these meetings. We are open over 50 hours per week and meet for 2 hours per week.


❓ Is that enough?

Maybe not. Is it more than most physical therapy clinics? For sure.

Here's What You Get:

  • Lesson 1: Core Values
  • Lesson 2: Our Perfect Client… Kim
  • Lesson 3: The Free Report Protocol
  • Lesson 4: The Incoming Call
  • Lesson 5: Sandwich Board Training
  • Lesson 6: When A Client Calls To Cancel
  • Lesson 7: Live Chat
  • Lesson 8: Conversion- Surprised? Avoid Dx
  • Lesson 9: PT - Trainer Communication System
  • Lesson 10: How To Write A Blog

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