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Are you ready to learn how to use that Pilates Equipment that is collecting dust in the clinic?

Are you ready to be more marketable and profitable by offering Pilates to your Physical Therapy patients?

Does the general public know more about Physical Therapy? or Pilates? 

I know many PT’s out there have access to Pilates equipment that is not getting used the way it could… How many of you are losing patients after discharge to the fitness trainer down the street?

Physical Therapists need to set themselves apart in this crowded market that is suffering from medicare cuts, the pandemic and so much competition from other disciplines.

Why offer what the majority of other PT’s are offering? If you incorporate Pilates into your physical therapy practice then you will see an increase in patient outcomes and compliance… which leads to bigger profits.

I am Stephen Dunn, a Holistic Physical Therapist that combines manual therapy with Pilates and GyrotonicⓇ exercises.

My wife, Cheryl and I opened our business in 2001 and our studio in Austin, Texas in 2005.

Since then, half of our income has come from our Physical Therapy side of the business and half comes from our Pilates studio.

Stephen C. Dunn

Physical Therapist
Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified GYROTONIC® Instructo

Cheryl C. Dunn

PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor
Certified GYROKINESIS® Instructor
GYROTONIC® Master Trainer

❔ Are you frustrated with the outcomes you are getting?

❔ Are you frustrated with the lack of compliance your patients have?

❔ Are you tired of seeing your patients self discharge to the fitness trainer that is cheaper?

❔Are you not building the relationships that you want with your patients?

❔Are you getting burned out in the PT field? 


I was there, exactly in the same place from 1998 to 2001. I lost my first travel job after 10 weeks due to the medicare cuts in the balanced budget act. It took 8 months to find a job for half the pay…

That job was 5 states away and was a high volume HMO clinic. After 2 years and seeing 3 patients an hour I left for $5 more an hour at the workers comp clinic.

This was the time I learned the grass isn’t always greener for $5 more an hour. My case load jumped to 45-50 per day and I only lasted 4-5 months there… ouch!

I was ready to leave the field. I was looking for a way to make enough money to pay off my student loans and corporate physical therapy was not cutting it for me.

❔ Would you avoid these work situations?

❔ Would you learn a new skill to set you apart from the rest of the physical therapy field?

❔ Would you want the autonomy to work on your client as a whole person, not just the diagnosis?

Well let's continue the story…

I then opened my own contract business and started working for a few companies as a 1099 contractor in 2001. It was a huge increase in pay and less time required to work.

This opened the door for me to get a contract at a Pilates studio that offered PT. Cheryl and I got certified in Pilates together and we opened a Pilates branch at an existing HMO clinic on a profit sharing contract.

I started seeing PPO patients and using Pilates in my plan of care. Cheryl was offering Pilates privates on the reformer after her normal work hours in a law office. 

After building this new business in LA we decided to move to Texas and do it all on our own. We opened CORE Therapy & Pilates in 2005 and have built the studio to serve our community.

We keep people in Austin active and fit while avoiding pain pills and surgery.

✔️ Learn a new skill that you can teach all of your patients
✔️ Learn whole body exercise routines that start from the core
✔️ Learn exercises that are fun for patients to perform
✔️ Teach your patients exercises that they will come back for over and over again
✔️ Teach functional movements
✔️ Offer a new revenue stream
✔️ Provide fitness after discharge from PT
✔️ Get them hooked in PT with the Pilates exercises and they will stay around for years ( we have a client that has been in every week for 15 years now)

This online program offers 8 videos to consume at your own pace. The first 2 videos show a PT with no Pilates experience learning the basics on the Reformer and Trapeze Table. Learn a sitting routine on the reformer that is a step up in intensity and so important for all the sitting our clients do.

The next video if for those suffering from back pain and it shows the initial release work that builds to multifidus and core re-education. No Pilates equipment is required for that video. A scoliosis routine on the reformer is followed by classical pilates with Dr. Andy on the chair.

Learn some modifications to address the increased lordosis we see so common at the studio and last we have a video with Cheryl teaching the basics of footwork on the reformer…

This is plenty of information to get you started but it is not a certification or teacher training course, however we have options for that in the studio and virtually.





My Story

Here's What You Get:

  • Lesson 1 by Stephen Dunn, MPT, COMT, PMA-CPT ’Proximal Stability before Distal Mobility-Basics and Trap Table’ ($79 value)
  • Lesson 2 by Stephen Dunn, MPT, COMT, PMA-CPT ‘Reformer Basics-Focus on Breathing and Awareness’ ($79 value)
  • Lesson 3 by Cheryl Dunn, PMA-CPT, Pilates Master Trainer ’Basic Movements of the Spine in Sitting on the Reformer’ ($79 value)
  • Lesson 4 by Cheryl Dunn, PMA-CPT, Pilates Master Trainer ‘Pilates for Low Back Pain with Cheryl Dunn’ ($79 value)
  • Lesson 5 by Stephen Dunn, MPT, COMT, PMA-CPT ‘Supine & Prone Scoliosis Program on the Reformer’ ($79 value)
  • Lesson 6 by Andy Tseng PT, DPT, MOT, OTR/L, MTC ’Beginners Classical Pilates on the Chair’ ($79 value)
  • Lesson 7 by Cheryl Dunn, PMA-CPT, Pilates Master Trainer ‘Open your hips and swayback with a yoga block with feet in straps with Cheryl’ ($79 value)
  • Lesson 8 by Cheryl Dunn, PMA-CPT, Pilates Master Trainer ‘Pilates Footwork on a Reformer with Cheryl Dunn’ ($79 value)

Add it all up… $632

Today we are offering this opportunity for the special price of $97

Act now!

Money back guarantee for the first 10 days.

You will receive an initial virtual education in Pilates on the reformer, trap table (Cadillac) and chair that you can start teaching your patients immediately.

Do the work yourself and then it is easier to teach it. Pilates will teach you and your clients how to breathe better, move better, improve flexibility, improve strength and awareness.

I love to tell the story of when I was training for a half marathon in 2002. My training was an integral part of Cheryl and I finding Pilates.

I had just heard the word Pilates from a potential PT job but didn’t know anything about it. While training for the marathon a few weeks later I saw a Pilates Studio and then saw an ad in the paper that they were hiring.

I started working there as a PT and we started our Pilates Teacher Training a few weeks later.

After doing Pilates from February to May I had started to notice some changes in my posture and breathing. I did a practice half on May 5th.

Then on June 23rd I did the half in Hawaii that I had been training for… What was interesting was that I shaved over 15 minutes off my time in that short period of time.

This improvement was from Pilates as my awareness had really improved in those few short weeks. The rest is history as it became my go to with every patient and they loved it… Kept coming back for more.

So Join NOW and get access to the video library to consume at your own pace.


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