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Certified in Pilates? Lets Grow Your Business…

Incorporating Pilates into your Physical Therapy practice can improve outcomes, retention and revenue… We have been incorporating Pilates in our physical therapy clinic since 2005 with amazing results. 

Our clients love Pilates and they stay around the clinic for much longer as a result of it… I know Medicare is squeezing the life out of PT and Covid has created so much uncertainty in our field… 

Burnout is real and increasing with each and every year of doing this job. We are losing patients to personal trainers, other practitioners and online videos on YouTube…

If you set yourself up with unique skills as a Pilates Physical Therapist then you will thrive in your career.

Stephen C. Dunn

Physical Therapist
Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher

Certified GYROTONIC® Instructo

My name is Stephen Dunn and I learned this back in 2002 after being a PT for 4 years.

I had already lost my first job to Medicare cuts in 1998 and worked at 2 high volume corporate clinics before deciding to open my own contract business. 

This led to my exposure to Pilates and getting Certified in 2002. This changed everything as I loved being a PT again because of the results I was getting with Pilates combined with manual therapy.

After an incredible profit sharing experience in LA, we decided to go all in on our own studio in 2005 in Austin Texas.

We have since grown our business where half our income comes from our PT side and half comes from our Pilates side.

❔ Are you still seeing 3-4 patients at a time?

❔ Are you feeling frustrated with the outcomes and commitment from your patients?

❔ Are you burning the wick from both ends to get through the day?

❔ Are you tired of patients self discharging to the personal trainer?

I was seeing 3 patients an hour at that first job in LA and then 45-50 patients a day at the work comp mill.

This was a nightmare and not what I had signed up for when becoming a PT. And the pay was horrible…

If you are looking like every other PT out there with your skill set, not unique at all, then what is your plan?

Are you tired of treating patients and them leaving after PT but not being strong enough to your likings?

Tired of losing clients to the personal trainers that do not have your education?

I have seen all of this in previous PT jobs before opening my own place and focusing on Pilates instead of PT.

feeling proud, carefree, confident and happy, smiling positively with thumbs up

❔ Do you want to have 15 year clients because of your Pilates program?

❔ Do you want half your income to come from a wellness program?

❔ Do you want to keep clients in a fitness program so that when they are injured or need PT that you are already in their circle?

When we opened our studio in Austin, we were sick and tired of dealing with HMO’s, Workers Comp, Physician Owned Clinics.

We took 2 private insurance plans for a decade and then went completely out of network in 2016. We built it around combining Physical Therapy and Pilates. 

It worked and we have successfully built a studio with half our income from PT and half from our fitness side of Pilates/Gyrotonic private sessions and group classes.

We have a full studio of equipment with 5-7 Pilates trainers working with us at a time…

Clients know more about Pilates than they do about Physical Therapy!

Leverage that by offering Pilates to your community.  This opens new doors and opportunities to serve more and make more income. 

👉 Create long term relationships with your clients through Pilates wellness options

👉 Set yourself up as a unique provider, a Pilates Physical Therapist

👉 Generate income from patients after they are discharge from Physical Therapy

👉 Pilates is more known and more marketable in the community than physical therapy

The first question I get is “How do I get Certified?” 

This is NOT a CERTIFICATION Course! This course is designed to teach you the steps and multiple options to get certified locally or with some travel

Here's What You'll Learn:

✅ Build a New Revenue Source for your Business
✅ Bring a new Revenue Source to a PT Business Owner as an Independent Contractor
✅ Price your Pilates services
✅ Hire a Pilates Instructor to use as an aide for insurance based clinics
✅ Market Pilates
✅ Pilates CEU’s
✅ And learn all the Tips, Tricks and Knowledge from my experience from 15+ years of studio ownership….


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Here's What You Get:

  • 9 videos taught by Stephen Dunn, MPT, COMT, PMA-CPT ($397 value)
  • Access to a Private FB group… Ask questions and get answersfrom Stephen… ($497 value)
  • Every other Month FB Lives in the group: We dive deep into mindset, systems, sales, and I will answer any question about how I run my business…($1497 value)
  • One 60 minute Power Call with Stephen. Ask anything about the course or anything about my business… ($247 value)
  • Mini Course - Company Culture with Employee Training Videos… (197 value)
  • Mini Course - The In’s and Out’s of the Pilates Equipment… ($197 Value)
  • Mini Course - Pilates Basics for the Physical Therapist… ($247 Value)

That's $3229 worth of content and bonuses for $297
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