Interview with Keva Price

Today, we have Dr. Keva Price and she’s going to tell us a little bit about her story and her journey to Physical Therapy and Pilates.


In This Podcast:

00:53 – Who is Keva Price?

01:54 – How did she get into the Physical Therapy world?

05:34 – When did Keva finish school?

06:48 – When was she able to start bringing her work environment with her patients?

09:10 – What is she currently up to?

13:57 – Is Keva an independent contractor?

16:16 – What’s her plan moving forward with a shift of 30 hours and more at a clinic?

19:45 – Where does she want to progress in the future and where can she see Pilates playing a role in the evolution of the Physical Therapy as a brand moving forward?

29:57 – How does she get paid?

37:33 – Where can you reach out to her?


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