Pilates For PTs Podcast with Dr. Karyn Staples

Karyn Staples

How do you become a certified Pilates instructor?

Stephen and Karyn Staples discuss their best practices on how to effectively become a Pilates instructor. 

How building a strong working relationship with their clients helps transition from physical therapy to wellness.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs with Karyn Staples:

01:00 – What got Karyn into physical therapy? What got her into pilates? And which came first?

04:00 — Dr. Staples found Pilates as her physical fitness

05:25 – How did Stephen start and grow his own team

06:50 – How did Karyn build her team? Where did her team members come from?

08:31 – How many physical therapists are working with Karyn currently?

10:00 – Transition packages

12:10 – Team communication and proper system are important

15:20 – Does Karyn do cash-based? Does she accept insurance?

18:50 – How to charge your wellness rates?

19:30 – Building relationships with clients and instructors in multiple levels

21:30 – Best return on time from your community investments?

25:45 – For PTs who are new to Pilates: How do they get certified? Where do they go? What are the steps?

28:30 – The Pilates Method Alliance 


Contact information of Dr. Karyn Staples:

Email kstaples@phrehab.com

Studio phone number 770 487 1931

Facebook and Instagram @prohealthptc

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