Post Covid-19 For Physical Therapists With Dr Jared Cooper

Jared Cooper

Today we are here with Dr. Jared Cooper and we’re going to be talking about Life after COVID-19, Life during COVID-19, and Life after COVID-19 as Physical Therapists. 

In This Podcast: 

01:43 – Introducing Jared Cooper.
02:59 – How does Jared essentially convert his current customers in his brick and Mortar Practice over to Telehealth and How does he keep his business going?
05:50 – Jared talks about his process on getting in touch with people and his message about the transition to Telehealth.
06:58 – Is it the physical therapist who is afraid that they’re going to get rejected when we try to offer a practice through Telehealth or is it the patient’s actual fear of coming into the practice? Whose belief is it?
07:20 – Reflecting for a moment and recognizing if your customers really want to do Telehealth.
07:44 – Address the Fear.
09:39 – How do you get somebody that comes in for manual therapy, converted to a movement only intervention like telehealth?
12:46 – If belief is the limiting factor to the patient getting better, then where are we falling short? Is it the intervention or our ability to create belief?
19:14 – Jared’s virtual offerings and how COVID might have changed some of that for him?
22:23 – Definition of Passive Income. 


Dr. Jared Cooper’s website: 


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