Podcast tutorial with Jared & Tyler of Ducklegs

Meet Jared Aguilar and Tyler Adams, hosts of Duck Legs Podcast, who will be teaching us podcasting basics.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs Podcast:

03:20 – How did Jared and Tyler come up with and launch Duck Legs Podcast?

04:05 – Duck Legs as a network of information and resources for different fields

10:30 – Jared and Tyler’s experience with getting speakers for podcasts

11:40 – Steven’s experience with getting speakers for podcasts

14:00 – Why Zoom is best for recording interviews

15.25 – Why Wondershare and Audacity are best for converting and editing videos and audios

16:40 – Why Anchor is best for monitoring and boosting your podcasts’ reach and audience

25:00 – Using Anchor to launch your podcast on Google Music and iTunes

25:30 – Uploading podcasts on different platforms with Anchor

29:50 – The raw element in podcast clips

32:05 – Process of submitting podcasts for streaming

33:10 – How do you market after getting your podcast live?

34:25 – Why Sparemin is best for publicizing your podcasts


Contact Jared and Tyler on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DuckLegs

Or on Instagram at @DuckLegs

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