Interview With Madeline Black On Starting A Pilates Business

Meet Madeline Black, one of the pioneers of Physical Therapy and a major influence on my career, and my and Cheryl’s business.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs Podcast

01:15 – How did Stephen meet Madeline Black?

02:50 – How did Madeline get interested in Pilates?

04:30 – Why did Madeline check out Pilates?

07:30 – Madeline’s 1st dance and Pilates studio

08:05 – How did Madeline start developing that niche of Pilates clients?

09:30 – Relocating from a home studio to a commercial practice

13:30 – Stephen and Cheryl’s first year in the industry

17:00 – How did Madeline shift to intensive workshops and trainings?

19:00 – Exploring other movements in Pilates and Gyrotonics

20:00 – Building Madeline’s website and blog

23:00 – How is Madeline’s staff composed of diverse specialists?

25:00 – What does work look like for Madeline now?

27:20 – Stephen’s “hospital free” year

30:10 – Expanding a PT practice to the online world

34:15 – Celebrity encounters at Madeline’s studio

37:30 – How Madeline influenced PT practice owners today


You can email Madeline at

Or visit her website at

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