How to Use Google My Business to Grow Your Business

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Today, we're going to talk about Google My Business. Every month, I get an email showing me how many people have been on my website; how many people have taken action, and things like that. But I started putting some post out-- I started putting some pictures on Google My Business, and basically using like Facebook. 

So, Core Therapy and Pilates Google My Business. In my homepage, it shows me that I've got 2.4 thousand views in the last month and out of the searches and activity. It'll show me some information there. It'll show me my number of reviews, it'll show my most recent review that I haven't seen. Now, when we go to the post, just click on it.

On my post before, I can see that I haven't got a lot of hits on it. I didn't have many views on it; only three views, not much. It's just something that I copied and pasted. So, on our update, I got seven views there. On my free report, where I announced my teens class, we've got 65 views.

When I talked about tips for back pain, we've got 76 views. Then, 173 views on our COVID update. These are posts that I put out not as frequent as I want. Now, let's go to the Pictures. I'm into posting pictures recently. I've been putting them pretty specifically and we can see the overview here.

We also have a video section, because I put a video in our Pilates routines class, and fast forward. In a video that I put out two days ago, it's got three views. Four days ago, it had seven views, so on and so forth. This is all interior. I'm taking interior shots of the studio, showing all of the things that we have. 

Going back, the video I put out six days ago got 38 views, that's almost 40 views. These two had quite a bit more views than the other ones. The video from a week ago got 58 views. So, when we go back to 2019. The last picture that I put in a week ago.

The pictures got 600 views, 200 views, 900 hundred views. And 1.1 thousand, 5.5 thousand, and 4000 views from 2018. I also had 18,000 views in 2016. So, those are the views of interior. On the exterior, I've got what it looks like as you walk up my front door.

There are some pictures of us at work, doing some stuff in the studio, the team working in the studio. So, people are seeing all of this stuff.

The key to this is when I'm going to go to my email; I've typed in Google My Business. I wanted to show you what has happened since I've started posting this. "Well done, Core Therapy and Pilates! Your photo got 50 views." 

So they're telling me that, "Congratulations for posting this," and that they're telling me that add more. They're telling me, "Hey, we'd like this, keep doing this." Every few days, they're sending me an email telling me, "Good job for putting out that information." So that is my Google My Business dive for today.

I know there is a ton more information. I know there's some more information about it. But I just wanted to share with you that that's what I've been playing around with now. I think this is something of value when it comes to keeping up on the search engine when it comes to Google.

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