How Do You Know If Pilates Is Right for You and Your Physical Therapy Business?

How Do you know if Pilates is right for you

One of the most asked questions that I get from my students who are interested in applying Pilates into their physical therapy practice is, “How do I know if it is right for me?”. The answer is very simple. First, take a Pilates mat class. It is very different than a Pilates Reformer session.

For that, I recommend taking a private Pilates session with the reformer as the equipment. I would recommend taking a mat class to see it if you can answer your questions;

  1. “Is this something that resonates with me?”

  2. “Is this something that I can envision myself actually teaching?” 

  3. “Is this something my clients would benefit from learning?”

The first class I took I knew immediately that it was something that was going to help my clients and I knew it was something that I could apply to every one of my clients. I want to say go out and take a class. It may be yoga, are you interested in applying yoga to your practice?

Then, go take a class and see how you can apply it. However, don’t just think and don’t just listen to what I'm saying.

Go do it actually on your own to feel and experience it. And once you have felt and experienced it, you're going to have a much greater understanding if it is something that is valuable and beneficial for you, your clinic or your business.

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