From England To California With Emma Green

From the England to California with Emma Green

Today, we have Emma Green. Emma graduated from Manchester University, England as a Physical Therapist and added a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine.

She is now dual qualified being both a licensed Physical Therapist (USA) and a State Registered Physiotherapist (UK) along with being certified in Clinical Pilates through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

In This Podcast:

00:50 – Introducing Emma Green

03:12 – How did she get into Physical Therapy?

08:44 – What type of sports did she get involved with?

09:27 – Steven’s story from Pasadena

13:50 – For whom do their ed conference offered to?

20:28 – Emma’s clinical Pilates group

29:55 – What does her patient care looks like for her now?

32:34 – How hard is it for her to find physical therapists to come in and work for her?

34:12 – How hard it is to get trained?

42:09 – How do her patients come in her studio?

45:19 – Where can you join her group and where can you find her?


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