Pilates for PTs Podcast: Interview with Emily Hudson

Pilates for PT's Podcast: Interview with Emily Hudson

Today we have Emily Hudson who is a Pilates and GYROTONICs® Instructor, and a business owner for the past 6 years.

In this podcast:

01:40 – Emily talks about her story and how she became a Pilates instructor

07:29 – What was the first step that Emily took to start teaching the work?

11:09 – What led Emily to become a GYROTONICS® instructor?

18:37 – What was the first pieces of equipment Emily bought?

20:06 – How did Emily’s space grow from battered equipment to what she has now?

23:46 – Stephen talks about how his business was pre-covid and how they deal with it at present

27:03 – Stephen talks about how he got into GYROTONICS® 

31:23 –What are some of the things that Emily does to get clients? What are some of the things that she finds helpful?

33:13 – Emily talks about Donald Miller’s book - Story Brand and Marketing Made Simple

37:00 – Stephen talks about how he operated his business using Facebook ads during the pandemic

40:37 – Stephen shares the strategy they used to get clients

43:24 – Emily talks about her love of marketing

52:52 – Stephen shares a story and everything about marketing.

54:34 – What is the best way for people to get in touch with Emily?

Website: injoymovementstudio.com

Instagram: @injoymovementstudio

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