Do You Offer Pilates? Is That a Pilates Reformer? Physical Therapy Business Tips

Do you offer Pilates? Is that a Pilates Reformer? Physical Therapy Business Tips

Today, I got off the phone with one of my students who took my beta course and he was asking me some questions. We were talking about some random things but it was a great conversation. What stuck out to me the most of that conversation was when he told me that he bought a reformer from someone for $1,000.

A $1,000 second-hand reformer. It's a pretty good price for a studio reformer. It's also in a pretty good shape. Sitting in his physical therapy clinic. It's in view of the front door or the front window. 

So, in that process of having a reformer in view, someone walked in his studio the other day, and says, “Hey, do you offer Pilates?” And this guy was able to say, “Yes, I do. We offer private sessions.” Even though he didn't have a sign on the door or any sandwich board or anything.

It was very exciting because he saw the value in Pilates and having a reformer in his clinic in a place that was viewable. So, someone walked in and asked him that would have never entered his studio if it weren't for the fact that that Pilates Reformer was there.

I think that is awesome. This guy is also going to buy a second reformer now, so he can offer private sessions duet sessions. We were talking about pricing and all to charge for that. Then he’s going to start using and introducing it to his physical therapy clients.

By introducing it to his physical therapy clients, gets them in wellness bodies that feels great when he discharged them from physical therapy, they'll probably have a little more interest in the Pilates that he's offering, if he's already introduced it to them and shown them a little bit of work on the reformer.

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