Creating A Facebook Group For Your Business With David Bayliff

Creating A Facebook Group For Your Business With David Bayliff - youtube

Today, we have David Bayliff. He is a master at physical therapy and the owner of Bayliff Integrated Wellness.

In today’s episode, Stephen and David share their stories of how they got into physical therapy. David talks about his Facebook group and how he handles it. Stephen and David also explains what is mobile PT and home health PT, and so much more!

In this episode:

02:41 - How did David become a physical therapist?

04:05 - David mentioned Ed Stewart.

06:30 - Stephen tells the story of how he got into physical therapy.

11:04 - How did David transition out of corporate world to having his own business?

18:59 - Stephen talks about his online courses.

20:00 - What led David into coaching?

24:05 - David talks about his experience in building his Facebook group

27:40 - David mentioned his podcast with Josh Payne.

29:06 - David talks about how he manage his Facebook group.

33:07 - What’s the difference between home health and mobile PT?

37:16 - David explains how his mobile PT service cross to wellness.

39:57 - Stephen shares the stories of the patients he serviced in their homes.

43:11 - Stephen tells about his experience in home health.

44:10 - Where does David get his t-shirts?

Here is the Website for Black MTN shirts:

44:43 – David mentioned Lincoln Walters.





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