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This is for all the business owners out there and the future business owners out there, you should really be putting some ideas and thought into your customer service and your experience.

Last weekend, I ordered a pair snowboard boots. We’re going snowboarding for spring break with my kids in a couple weeks. I ordered a pair of boots and Burton snowboards. And I ordered them online; paid for them through PayPal. When they sent it to me, they were a little bit too small. 

It was my first time ordering from Burton. So, I signed up for the 10% discount by giving them my email address. I’m getting a 10% discount on the order. I ordered it but when they delivered the boots, they don't fit. So, I sent them back.

Then they told me they want to exchange it because of PayPal. But it’s too complicated to exchange it. So, they said, just send it back and they’ll credit my account. Then, I went to go buy another pair of boots. Well, I wanted to see if I could get that same 10% discount. 

So, I’m buying a pair of boots that are $250. I was like, “Hey, let me see if I can get that same discount that I got on the first time I ordered it because I wasn’t going to get it with this exchange because I wouldn't.”. So, I called up Burton snowboard of the weekend. I don’t normally do this, but I wanted to call and see if I can get that 10% off.

So, I called them and I waited on the phone for about 10-15 minutes. When I called, I got this guy on the phone, it was so perfect because they know their audience so well. It’s a snowboard business. I’m calling and he’s like, “Hey, dude, what's up? How can I help you, man?” And he’s like this total young dude who’s like a typical stoner surfer, stoner snowboarder. It’s just hilarious. But it was so perfect and fitting for my call and for the type of people that are calling them on a daily basis.

Going back, I said, “Hey, I ordered these and they didn't fit. I want to order the next pair. But I'm just curious if I can get the 10% discount that I got on my first pair.” And the guy said, “Hey, thanks for calling. I really appreciate you waiting and asking for 10% Timpson discount, not a problem.”

He also asked me how many years I’ve been snowboarding. I said about 20 years, so he said, “I'm going to give you 20% off then. Thanks for your time, thanks for calling. And thanks for waiting on the phone.”

So just by me calling to see if I get 10% off but I ended up getting 20% off. I got a better deal than I would have got. So, my 10-15 minutes on the phone ended up saving me $50. And it ended up allowing me to just have a fun and engaging conversation with this young kid up in Vermont where their business is located.

So, I just want to share that today. You should really focus on your customer service and creating that experience.

For me, I love that I'm going straight to their Facebook page and I post on their Facebook page about what an awesome customer service experience I just had with the guy Kent. And you know what it all started with? He said, “Hey, my name is Kent, how are you?”, I reply, “Hey, dude, what's happening? How are you today?”

I just asked him how his day was instead of just going into my question. Also, I asked him how his day was and he stopped for seconds, “Oh man, my day is really good. I appreciate you asking.”

Customer Service goes a long way if you own a business or if you're thinking about owning a business. Put some time and effort into customer service and create a customer service that people want to come back for over and over again.

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