Culture Lesson from the Super Bowl. High School Ratings for Super Bowl Starters. PT Business

Culture Lesson from the Super Bowl. High School Ratings for Super Bowl Starters. PT Business

It's Super Bowl Sunday and I got a message from someone saying that I posted and mentioned about hiring for culture. And they didn't understand what I meant by that. But they've gone out and got a job and it doesn't sound like it worked out well. Now, they’ve understood what I meant by that, they were in a bad culture, place with that culture.

So, it got me thinking, and then I read this article about the Superbowl. I was a little bit shocked when I read it. It talked about the recruits. When these guys are all starting in the Superbowl, they were ranked as a high school recruit. They’re either a five-star, four-star, three-star, two-star or not ranked at all.

For Kansas City, they've got 5 five-star recruits, 13 four-star recruits, 21 three- star recruits, 6 two-star recruits, and 8 that were not ranked at all by any recruiting services at the time that they went to college.

The least number was the five stars. And for San Francisco, they’ve got 3 five-star, 9 four-star, 20 three-stars, 10 two-stars, and 11 that were not ranked.

If you look at those statistics, there were way less five stars than there four or three stars. But when you look at that, there's a handful of five stars that the elite people on the team. They're running the team, they're the high-end people on the team and they're doing a lot.

Then you got your four stars, and they're really good players on your team. They’re doing and contributing a lot. Then the three stars are the role players.

Without those role players, stuff doesn't happen. And two stars are the people who were not given a chance but you’ve given them a chance. And then those who were not ranked are in the same boat. They got a chip on their shoulder, no one gave them a chance at all.

I took kind of a parallel into the Super Bowl today with company culture and creating a team where everyone understands their role and if that makes sense.

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