Cost Concerns from a New Lead: Show Value and Get the Client!

Cost Concerns

I had a brand-new client yesterday. She was referred to me by an acupuncturist in town who's also a client of mine. And she was referred to us after a whole bunch of surgeries. She’s had a hip replacement, a shoulder replacement, a fusion in the neck, and a laminectomy in her lumbar spot.

Some have been helpful; some have not been helpful. So, she called in and she talked to my front desk guy for a good 15 to 20 minutes. During the discussion, he wrote down a ton of information; he got her goals and all the information that I wanted him to get to.

The one thing he highlighted on the lead form was that cost was a concern. So, he circled it and as I was looking through the information, the first thing I know was that she's concerned about costs. So then, I took her through my assessment. I asked her some more questions and dig deeper into her goals.

I found out she's just newly retired and have been working for 50 years; sitting at a desk for 40 years. And all of these surgeries are the results of those things. She’s never had time to invest in herself.

Now, she’s totally motivated to invest in herself and get going in a program. All she needs is guidance and all I did was listen to what she said and told her I could guide her.

So, as I talked and showed her the plan of care, I recommended for her to come in for five visits to see me. And I recommended to progress the work of one of my trainers. She has a reformer at home and she bought a Pilates Reformer. And it's sitting at home and she doesn't know how to use it.

So, her plan is to get prepared to use her reformer at home. So, she showed up being concerned about cost. But as she left, she was all in and I gave her the options my per visit price; I have a five pack for 10% off, a three pack for 5% off, or you can do a payment plan.

You can come in and see me once a week, but you'll pay me once a month. That will be roughly in the 250 range, once a month. I laid down all of those options for her. And as she walked out and left, she signed up for the five pack and she's ready to go.

The point of the story is as long as you create value, listen to people and their problems, and tell them how you can solve their problems, it's not that big of a deal. It's not that it's not a hard sale. It's not that you're just offering solutions. And so here we go, this woman came in and dropped $1,000 when her biggest thing when we started this process was the cost.

So, create value, provide value, spend time interviewing people and getting to know their story, what they really need to accomplish, what their goals really are, and you can make a big difference in their life.

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