Christine Pieton Started Making 3x More Money Than Her Traditional Ortho Job; HOW Did She Start Her Pilates Practice?

Meet Christine Pieton, who will be telling us how she started making 3x more money than Her traditional ortho job and how she started her Pilates practice.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs Podcast:

2:00 – Where does Christine come from and what does she do? How did she start to become a Pilates Instructor?

08:40 – Does Emory Physical Therapy School still offer the elective curriculum?

17:48 – What kind of equipment does Christine have?

22:30 – How does Christine manage her practice as PT and Pilates Inductor?

24:55 – How does Christine charge for her services?

31:00 – How do you utilize your space even if you’re not there?

33:20 – When does a client try Pilates?

35:30 – The other side of Pilates

39:35 – How can you reach Christine?


You can visit her page on Instagram and Facebook –

Or visit her website at

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