Interview With Carol Davis


Today, I have a very special guest from Maine, Dr. Carol Davis, we met many years ago at a Myofascial release course with John Barnes. And years later, I bought her book and since then, she’s someone that I’ve always looked up to in the physical therapy world. I wanted to bring her on to the podcast today and tell her story and see who she can influence along the way.

In This Podcast:

00:48 – Introducing Carol Davis

01:08 – How did she become interested in Physical Therapy and what was her journey becoming a PT?

07:06 – Meeting Stephen at Barnes’ Course

10:22 – What brought her to Miami?

20:35 – What advice would she give to younger PTs who’s going to take their first John Barnes course?

25:18 – What’s her take on John Barnes’ New Oregon?

30:42 – What’s the best place for younger PTs to understand more of where Carol is coming from?

41:59 – Where can you get her books?

42:16 – Where can you reach Carol?


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