Book Publishing With Jeremy Sutton

Meet Jeremy Sutton, one of the major influences in Physical Therapy, who will be telling us the inner workings of book publishing.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs Podcast with Jeremy Sutton

01:40 – How did Jeremy start out in his PT career?

02:30 – How did Jeremy come to putting books up for sale on Amazon? What were his marketing practices at the start?

05:35 – How can one start putting their works for sale on Amazon? How can one start marketing their books to people?

09:55 – How did Jeremy use the power of social media to promote his book?

14:35 – Expanding your audience through physical and digital books

17:25 – How does click funnels help expand your PT practice and business?

20:05 – What is the difference between ‘average’ PTs and servant PTs?

26:45 – What advice does Jeremy have for beginners in book publishing?

29:25 – Growing your reach with online courses and podcasts

33:15 – Coordinating and collaborating with fellow PT practitioners in your community

37:30 – How did Jeremy overcome his fears of publishing a book?



You can email Jeremy on

Or @servant_PT  on Instagram

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