Pilates For PTs Interview With Barbara Wintroub

Today we have Barbara Wintroub, who are mine and Cheryl’s very first Pilates instructor. She took us from a newbie, to incorporating Pilates to every single one of my patients from 2002 to 2019.

In this episode of Pilates for PTs with Barbara Wintroub:

02:00 – What got Barbara interested and involved in Pilates?
03:30 – Pilates during Barbara’s time went underground
07:00 – Did Barbara have her own studio before?
08:30 – How did Barbara and Stephen meet?
12:12 – What was Barbara’s first memory of Stephen and Cheryl?
19:30 – What brought Barbara out of California to Palm Springs?
24:00 – How does Barbara do her classes now?
27:00 – How do you get certified for Pilates?

How do you reach out to Barbara?
You can call her directly at 3109133333 or through email – blwintroub@gmail.com

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