PMA Pilates Certification With Andy Tseng

pma pilates certification with andy tseng pilates for pts

Today, we have Dr. Andy Tseng. He is a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a certified manual therapist, a certified classical Pilate’s instructor and he’s in the process of becoming a certified hand therapist.

Are you interested in becoming a Pilates teacher but don’t know how to? Well, Stephen Dunn and Dr. Andy Tseng got you covered. In this episode, Stephen and Dr. Andy talks everything about the PMA certification exam. They discuss the whole process, gave tips and tricks and shared their stories when they took the exam.

In this episode:

01:02 - Dr. Andy introduces himself.

01:44 - Dr. Andy talks about the new training he started.

03:09 - Dr. Andy shares a bit when he was still studying in Taiwan.

05:24 - Dr. Andy talks about the process of the PMA exam.

07:58 - What kind of preparation did Dr. Andy do for the exam?

10:02 – What was in the study guide that wasn’t in Dr. Andy’s training?

10:56 - Dr. Andy discuss how to manage the studio.

13:43 - Dr. Andy talks a bit of what the exam was like.

14:57 - Stephen talks about what he remembered when he took the PMA exam.

20:16 - Dr. Andy gives tips for those who want to take the PMA exam.

21:12 - Stephen shares what he did when he took the PMA exam.

23:55 - Dr. Andy and Stephen discuss the benefits of Pilates.


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