Pilates for PT’s Podcast: Digital Marketing with Dr. Alex Engar

Stephen Dunn interview Dr, Alex Engar

The guest for today is Alex Engar. He is the co-founder of Healthy funnel, and he helps health care professional start and grows their business online. He is also a licensed doctor of physical therapy.

For today’s podcast, Stephen and Alex talk about their journey before they got into physical therapy, how they started their earlier business when they were younger, how they created their online courses and more.

In this episode:

0:57 - Stephen talks about his sponsor for the podcast.

1:39 – Stephen tells the story of how he and Alex met.

3:51 – Q- How did you become interested in physical therapy?

8:09 – Stephen tells the story of how he got into physical therapy.

11:34 – Q- What led you not to be a physical therapist?

12:13 - Alex tells the story of his businesses when he was a kid.

16:21 – Alex mentioned Pat Flynn and the Smart Passive Income podcast. You can listen to the podcast here:

16:33 – Alex mentioned Ramit Sethi. You can visit his website here

17:25 – Alex mentioned Greg Tadd and Will Boyd.

19:48 – Stephen tells the story about his business when he was in grade school.

20:48 - Stephen tells the story of his jobs in college.

25:25 – Stephen talks about his travels.

26:22 – Stephen mentioned the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. You can find the book here

28:20 – Alex tells the story of how he started his online courses.

30:18 – Alex mentioned the Paul Goss course.

31:57 - Alex shares the story of how his business grew.

37:31 – Stephen mentioned the author Robert T. Kiyosaki.

39:57 – Alex tells about his Pilates experience.

40:35 – Alex mentioned Cameron Garber.

43:20 – Q- How can people get InTouch with you?

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