Pilates for PTs: Interview with Tai Chi PT Adam Potts

Today, I have a guest on the podcast, Adam Potts. He currently works as a Physical Therapist (PT), Health Coach, Tai Chi Instructor and Yoga Teacher. In regards to PT, he integrates yoga, qigong, tai chi, mindfulness, and meditation with a traditional orthopedic approach.

In This Podcast:

01:08 – Introducing Adam Potts

06:08 – His journey to yoga

09:52 – How did he handle the approach from PT school compared to where he came from?

11:58 – The process of going into business after PT school

17:25 – How does he do an assessment with Tai Chi?

20:23 – Traditional Tai Chi

29:09 – The difference being being a PT versus being a health coach

32:51 – Adam’s program

34:46 – People who should join his program

38:04 – Does his clients find him for PT or for Tai Chi?

39:43 – Mindful movement

47:15 – Where can you find Adam Potts?

Begin with Breath: www.beginwithbreath.com

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